Live sound is more than just amplifying the instruments present on stage, twisting some knobs and getting a sound from the speakers. If there's a good sound engineer present and in control of your sound, he can add something more to your music to make it pop out! 

Like in the studio I work together with the band. I listen to their wishes, soundwise, and have my own input in how to improve their sound. All clients have always been very happy with this approach and can leave a gig satisfied, knowing they presented a great show which sounded cool!

I've done small club shows, festivals indoor and outdoor, etc. and I freelance for a TV-station located in Belgium.

As I sound engineer I'm fine working with almost any analog desk. Digital desk are fine too most of the time (I know my way arround Soundcraft - VI/ SI/.., Digidesign Venue, Digico - SD series, Yamaha - CL5, M7cl, LS9, - Midas Pro Series... etc.) 

As a surplus I can bring my own mixing desk (a Midas Pro2c) at an additional cost. This comes in very handy for touring bands, theater productions, musicals, etc. 


You can contact me for theatre productions, musicals, technical support on location or in an existing venue. For more information about prices (with or without material costs) please send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and I'll be happy to supply it!