Welcome to WaveShape Audio

Welcome to the website of Waveshape Audio. Waveshape Audio is based in Molenbeersel, a small, rustic town located in the North East of Belgium. We offer recording, mixing and mastering services aswell as live sound. 

Waveshape Audio is owned by Koen Keijers, he started playing music at the age of 7. A few years later he picked up guitar playing and formed a band. It is here that the first interest in sound came alive. After some recordings of his own band and some purchases of gear later the foundations of the studio began to show. Again some years passed in which he learned a lot from trial and error, the internet, magazines, talking to people in the business, and so on, he took a class in music production. When he finished this training he started with fulltime dedication in the audio industry, still expanding the studio and live-sound, both gear-wise as with knowledge. 


"The thing I hate about most music productions these days is the lack of 'soul' in it. It's cold, has no real vibe going on, etc. Every time I'm involved in a production I try to retain the vibe that's already in it - brought by the musicians playing it - and make it stronger. I'll add stuff to it that I think will fit and compliment the structure of the song and will add something to the experience of the listener."

- Koen


Joe (frontman/vocalist/guitarist Evil Invaders): "From day one Koen has always been trying to be more than just a standard sound guy. He's not only doing his job as a sound tech, he also tries to guide us as good as he can in order to have the perfect sound. With him behind the sound desk we feel double focused and safe because we know Koen will be keeping an eye on everything that could possibly go wrong. Ow yeah, he's also a pretty cool guy!"


Marcus Jidell (guitarist Avatarium, ex-Evergrey,..): "Koen is a perceptive and very talented sound technician who is as concerned about the FOH sound as he is about making the band perform their best and feel comfortable on stage!"


Óskar Logi Ágústsson (guitarist/ vocalist The Vintage Caravan): "Koen is one of the most enthusiastic foh sound engineers I have encountered. He brought me a different kind of vocal and guitar mic that he thought improved my sound and would suit me better. Very pro and nice dude."


Olle Hedenström (guitarist Dead Lord): "Koen is the kind of soundguy that you can count on will allways put in the effort and knowledge to make every gig as good as possible despite the situation.. and we've had some strange ones together! I would recommend him to anyone. He is also a nice dude to hang around with. Not to mention his beautiful ginger hair. It's like a lucious fire waterfall of orange juice. Tasty." 


Alex Gutierrez (guitarist Mortillery): "Koen is an amazing sound engineer. He helped us make the best out of every stage every night. Went way beyond his duties to make us feel comfortable and is an expert with his equipment. Our tour wouldn't have been the same without him. Highly recomended and can't wait to work with him again!"


Olav Areklett Vikingstad (guitarist Tiebreaker): "Koen is an honest, thorough and efficient sound tech. I was always confident that we had the best sound possible for each venue! After a few shows, when everyone had broken the ice, we sat down and discussed the expression and the ideal sound of the band and Koen would tell you everything straight, which is rare in the music industry. We discussed each of our individual sounds and he would say how he heard it and what his vision was and together we would try to make the best live sound possible. That’s what I like best about Koen, his honesty and enthusiasm."


JJ Tartaglia (Drummer Skull Fist): "Koen is a pleasure to work with. He adapts quickly to the different PA's and venues to get the best sound possible. He stays very focused, paying attention to the details, the stage sound, looking out for the musicians, and tailoring his mix for each performance. He has a strong ear for all instruments which gives him a real edge behind the desk."


Enzo (booking agent, TM, artist manager, concert promotor): "If you need a reliable and experienced sound tech who always goes to the bone in search for the best way to create the ideal sound, then Koen Keijers is your guy for the job. He gives the band exactly what the band wants and needs without pushing his own ideas. He's a very nice and flexible guy to work with and often comes up with his own ideas in order to optimize the band's sound. Very cool guy and a real pro!"


Take a look at our services and together we will find a solution that will fit your specific needs.
If you have any questions regarding live sound or studio recordings please visit the contact page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!